May 8, 2016

Graphium warmly thanks Nazar Bilyk, the sculptor, for the joint work and great ideas. And Kovalskaya Group for their challenge, creative thinking and bold decisions and the ability to build conceptual expositions with interesting sculptural elements.



May 7, 2016

Company aiia became one of the most fascinating openings of the spring exhibition season. "New Apple", as we called this stunning team, presented on the PSI 2016 Exhibition in Düsseldorf the company`s stand which looked like an entire "aiia Universe" Flowing shapes, whitish space, neon, planets – like spheres effectively pointed their stand out of general background of the exhibition hall.


May 5, 2016

VELUX, a large international company, this year is celebrating its 75th anniversary, giving various events all over the world. Impressive time period on the market! This year we built a stand for this company in a traditional minimalist style with an emphasis on this exciting date.


May 4, 2016

Brouche, a marvelous French brand that at Fasion Week 2016 presented their new line of Dead Sea cosmetics and unique Women Loundge project. Women Loundge is the area of relaxation and inspiration for women, where one can retire, relax and get a lot of pleasant emotions from the professional body and face care, high-quality curative and decorative cosmetics.




May 3, 2016

Stylish as usual, the Avenue brand this year pleased us with new and unique decors and color schemes of paving slabs. Their current exhibition reminded a warm cozy courtyard of a private cottage where one can take pleasure in the contemplation of running water in the fountain or enjoy nosey tea prepared on street kitchens.


May 2, 2016

With spring finally here its time for Graphium to seize the unique opportunity and become a major designer and decorator of PASKA FESTA, the festival of European level. Eco- concept, wooden scenery, hay, pleased visitors with a warm family atmosphere.









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