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                Interiors design & Architecture

   Graphium  is a specialist in interior design and small-scale architecture. We can
professionally extend the exhibition effect to the design of your office, retail, leisure
space, even private homes. Guided by our unique experience and aesthetic, we are able to
design and create high-quality conceptual interiors to work and live in to fit any style and

   Our team of professionals will transform your ideas into a solid creation, they will
help you express yourself in your personal space, and fully control the build and
implementation of your project.

   We focus on:
 • car dealerships, retail stores
 • shop islands at shopping malls
 • showrooms, reception in hotels
 • office and co-working space
 • architecture of private homes and interiors
 • apartments
 • wooden architecture, tree houses
 • concert spaces and scenes

   The key stages of project implementation are:
 • Development of design concepts and visualizations
 • Preparation of technical drawings
 • Budgeting and calculations
 • Documentary support (permits, registration, etc.)
 • Procurement
 • Manufacturing and installation/construction
 Our management will always clearly plan out and control the project, report to
you at every stage, adapt your plans to your budget, and be with you from beginning to
end. Until the design concept has been realised to the full specification we are by your

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