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Graphium Agency:

   The GRAPHIUM AGENCY offers professional management at every stage of
your project, regardless of the venue of your event, exhibition, action, or construction.

The Graphium Agency will:

 • Offer you a marketing idea, a creative concept for your stand, event, or campaign

• Elaborate all the details from the organization to implementation of your exhibition or construction

• Prepare detailed cost estimation for your designs, based on your, or our concept, and with the various material and technology options

• Organize accommodation at hotels in the vicinity of the event venue for you and your guests;

• Provide any required event services: catering, promoters, presenters, photo, video, etc.

• Prepare all the necessary documentation as required in each different locations in Europe, UAE, or other markets

• Schedule the logistics of your events, exhibitions or promotions and provide a photo report of each stage of development or organization

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