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Ukrainian dealership of the company "GRAPHIUM" received the status of the official Organiz

Ukrainian dealership of the company "GRAPHIUM" received the status of the official Organizer of the single national stand of Ukraine on foreign international Tourist Exhibitions: World Tourist exhibition "Wtm 2019" M. London, UK, 04-November 06, 2019 and international tourist exhibition "International Travel Show TT Warsaw" M. Warsaw, Poland, November 21-23 Year 2019 Company "GRAPHIUM", having a lot of experience of the well organization of similar expositions, offers and on these exhibitions combine the efforts of state and private Tourist business. Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine performs function Stimulation of the state of financing of most of the national level of Providing the presence of Ukraine on the influential activities of world tourist Industries, accoding the good visual perception of Ukraine. And the saturation Present events from Regional Representatives (areas, cities, resorts And stuff) and tourist companies create the total emotional image of Ukraine like Tourist State to ensure practical high level of provision tourist services to the discerning foreign consumer. For participation in the work of the national stand of Ukraine and in the formation of the program Events on exhibitions please write to the company "GRAPHIUM": Eugenia Ohrímenko, Exactly the unification of the effort of active players of the tourist market of the country will Ensure the representation of the modern vision of tourism development in Ukraine.

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