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EuroShop accoding Graphium­’s version

We had an unforgettable week at Euroshop 2020. We made a lot of new connections and made it to the finals! But more importantly, we observed the latest trends and drew our conclusions. GRAPHIUM is pleased to share with you our insights on where the world of design and stand building is heading.

1. As always an ‘idea’ is the key to everything. Nothing ‘hooks’ better than an idea dressed up. Of course, Euroshop 2020 is the place to implement the most creative and exciting ideas. EuroShop 2020 was gripped by the ‘Brand’! Bold ideas, with every detail from the stand design, to clothes, to souvenirs to leaflets and everything in between is realised in a single concept. Some used music and even scents to increase impact.

2. The preferred materials are still natural products. Wood and living walls never go out of style.

3. Interesting surfaces and new coatings: metal mesh, new fabric textures, antique walls, textured reports with metal or stone inserts, glossy logos - everything was modern and of high quality .

4. Led screens of all shapes and configurations - round, square, curved, delivering a lot of very different and dynamic content.

5. Illusions. A variety of refractions and distortions of space with the help of light, graphics and all the same screens.

6. Standard formats with a twist. Stands often have very straightforward designs - but within each of them there is something to attract the eye, like a diamond on its mount. It can be an unusual design element, a light illusion, or an unexpected surface detail to the walls.

6. A great emphasis on quality, most of the stands were made really well - every technology was thought out and every surface was perfect.

7. Light is no longer just a for illumination, light is now used to create atmosphere. EuroShop members work with light in interesting ways to create comfortable meeting areas or a colorful variety of designs – Lighting features can simply catch-the-eye or drive visitors to the specific zones using dynamic lighting – these elements are all easy to use and work with.

8. Business cards are now electronic. QR codes, information on tablets and touch-points, quick links to contacts and social networks.

9. What was not at EuroShop? Souvenirs and handouts are disappearing, and fewer objects and equipment litter the stand. Very few galleries of ‘previous works’ were seen, your stand is your image, your idea, your soul - nothing more!

What do you think about it?